Just found suicide note.....is this possible......

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by ISHA1930, Jun 20, 2012.

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    My mum died last August. She had Emphysema, and had been unwell for years. She had not long been placed into a Sheltered accommodation and we knew she didn't really like it, but needed to settle.
    One evening we got a call that she had passed away at 67. Postmortem said Bronchial Pnumonia (sp?)
    Today my sister finds a suicide note............So how did she do it??

    I'm in shock, and don't quite know how to feel. I did know she wasn't happy ..... But was not told it could be suicide through coroners report.

    Is this not a bit odd?
  2. total eclipse

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    No not odd hun she probably did die of bronchial Pneumonia and wrote that letter when she was down and desperate that all Lots of people write notes to release pain but never follow through with it hugs
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    It's not odd...

    When I was going threw Chemo, I wrote a goodbye note to my family, and left it in my cabinet... She might of thought about doing it, then did not- because she was trying to hang in there.. or she knew she only had little time left and made a goodbye note.

    I'm sorry for your loss ((hugs!))
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    We know that she stopped taking one of her meds for a while, because she ended up in hospital, and whilst she was there I found 7 months worth of boxes of one of her meds. They were what she was supposed to be taking, but she denied it all saying that she just ended up with extra because different professionals had prescribed it. But this was untrue. I was the one getting her meds or her, so it just didn't make sense. That was about a year previous to her death.
    Do you think its possible that she simply stopped taking all her medication?? Knowing she would slowly die?
    Is it possible that Coroners could not have picked this up?

    Sorry, I just don't know what to believe now. The note she left was at the top of her handbag. So, must have recently been written.
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    If coroner found her death to be due to her breathing bronchial pneumonia then that is what took her life in the end hun pneumonia it is so deadly when not treated Hugs
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    You will probably never know. she may have written that note on a down moment and hid it away so nobody found it. Or she may have just simply given up the fight and didn't want treatment anymore.