just fuck it all.

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    well i guess here it goes..

    i'm in college right now at a school i do not want to be at. i'm 400 miles away from home and wanted to transfer last semester but my parents told me to stick it out. well last semester i had a pretty bad gpa, 1.7. well this semester i tried to bring it up. the first month and a half goes by very well and i'm doing good in all my classes. then i start driving back home every weekend and skipping class to be at home longer. grades slip. and slip bad. now i'm failing 3 of 4 classes. to make matters worse over spring break i fucked my best friends ex gf and they are aparently still talking as if they are dating and yadda yadda she fucking plays both of us hardcore. after all that bullshit i say were friends. well before i left for easter we hung out and kissed and all that and she was supposed to come to college this weekend. bad weather and she cancels. goes to a part last night gets wasted and fucks my best friend. it really wasn't a surprise tho and i'm just tired of getting played and wanna just go fucking home and find a new girl. its just hard when i only have so many people to talk to 400 miles away from home and hannah is an amazing girl but she fucking plays me and my friend like a deck of cards. and i'm fucking sick of it. then to top it all off i got a call from my mom this morning. my dog died. i just wanna say fuck it all. i'm not a suicidal person but i wanted to share this and maybe have someone care.
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    Awww, I'm really sorry about your dog. I know how much that hurts.

    Can you try to finish off this semester and then transfer? It's tough being away from home. The first college I went to was about 500 miles from where I lived; I didn't hate it, but I did miss the people I was close to at home. So I ended up transferring to a college about three hours from home; that way I was far enough away to live my own life, but close enough to go home for some weekends and most holidays.

    Sucks that the girl you're seeing is playing you. You don't deserve that.