Just getting a few things out of my system~

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    I'm so sick of my friends and all of their bullshit. I'm working my ass off to keep everyone happy and I just get crap for it in return?

    J, I don't know why you and your stupid friends don't like me but I honestly don't care anymore. Actually, thats a lie. None of you like me because I'm the only person who tells you all to stop being such pricks. Constantly comparing and insulting my friends, right infront of them? If we're getting shallow here, have you looked at yourselves recently? It's not even like you have a redeeming personality, so don't you dare call my friends ugly. Or me, for that matter. I know that I'm not and I certainly don't need your approval. You should hear the things that people say behind your back, dears.. and to think, I used to stick up for you.

    C, I know exactly what you think of me. It doesn't really matter. I lost all respect for you a long time ago. You wonder why you're still single? Maybe you should stop throwing yourself at anyone with two legs and develop a personality. I'm so tired of watching you being used by people.. and of you allowing it.

    I swear, I don't care if none of you believe me.
    I am completely in love with him.. and he loves me, too. Thats all I need to know any more.
    If one more person asks me, "Is he, like, hot?" then I swear I'm going to scream. And stop comparing him to Leww! We're not like the two of you. But you know what would be nice? If you stopped trying to BE me!
    Stop trying to act like me.
    Stop wearing your hair the way I do.
    Stop wearing the same clothes as me.
    Stop. Copying. My. Artwork.
    You're not fooling anyone. And trust me, you don't want to be me. I didn't want to be me - not until I met him.. and you're not going to find another person like him, I assure you.

    I'm worried about my brother. He was having panic attacks in his sleep.. I didn't even know that was possible.. so anyone that feels like kicking off about me not coming to the river today, you can go to hell. Its his first day of work on monday, too, so I think he might need me home.. Its not like I don't WANT to see you guys, but he comes first.

    Anyway.. I spent a long time this morning talking to my brother, even though I said I'd text Way. Felt really super guilty for that. Not that he'd want me to.

    Ate far too much this afternoon for lunch, to try and make up for missing breakfast. Half of a meduim sized pizza? Mrrrghh. Now I feel guilty and kinda sick, haha.

    Okay, end rant. If anyone read this, then I'm shocked you got this far XD
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    lol if ya wanna chat hit me up rayne, feel better. Friends can be shit sometimes.

    Seems like you have got some stuff in your life which are going well though :D