Just got donw ith thanksgiving dinner...

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    cant wait to get fucking fatter than i already am... my grandma asked if i wanted anything else and asked if im not gonna eat the res of the day and i said yeah and shes like thats hard to believe like WHYYY FUCKING WHY IM ALWAYS TOLD STUFF LIKE THAT THAT I HAVE ALOT ON MY PLATE IM SO PISSED I feel like i have urges now... fucking damnit why do i have to be so fcking fat and ugly and repulsive like no wonder i dont have a gf yet fucking hell...
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    Hey, I'm sorry you've had to deal with that stressful situation. Sometimes it's not what someone says, but how they say it, that is hurtful. I think perhaps the intent was good, but the wording wasn't. I also believe parents and grandparents generally want the best for their children.

    Try not to be too concerned about when, and if, and how, you will get a girlfriend. You will. Remember too, the way we perceive ourselves is not necessarily the way the world perceives us. We can be our own worst critic sometimes.
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    Thanksgiving is really hard, I hear you. Especially when people tell you it's a surprise you're not eating more. For my family, being skinny -apparently- is gross (considering we have a few crack heads, I can kind of see why but still) and it's really annoying because I'm a girl but I try my best to be muscular so I don't always eat a lot at family get together's because I don't feel like working it off later. One of my cousins actually asked if I was anorexic one time and it really hurt because she said it with the most disgusted face ever. It's like you can never make anyone happy you're either too big or too small but nobody ever tells you what the good middle-man is or how to get there. After I explained to her that I didn't want to eat that much because I didn't want to work out later, she replied with "Oh, so you're just being lazy." I don't understand! Family members are just inconsiderate sometimes and they think they can say what they like because it's one of those they'll have time to apologize for it later type deals when really they're the ones who hurt the most. So, I apologize that this came out as a rant but you're right, Thanksgiving is really difficult when you've got people breathing down your neck about your weight and everyone pointing out your flaws