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    it's 4:40 am and i just got home. today was a fun night. hung out w my neighbor/ pretty much best friend. gave some suckysucky to her best male friend, traumatizing her fer life. lol, not really, but she cut while we were going at it. so i kinda feel bad. her boyfriend got whisky dick and passed out. the boy i sucky-suckied is still down about his gf that dumped him. and says he still loves her. good thing i am not normal, or i would prob be upset about the fact that i know he was thinking of her as i suckysicky. i want to catch up w my friend more wout any boys around.

    i touched her arm where it was bleeding and said i was sorry for...
    well, she knew what i meant i hope. i dont like that she cut, but i certainly understand it.

    umm, im kinda at a loss for words. i told her i do SF but she doesnt think it's for her bc she's 'not suicidal'. i swear, it must be something in the water on our block bc were all fucked up. her mom and my mom are the 2 skinniest, most buff 50 yr old women ever. me and her are two fucked up individuals.

    ok, it's almost 5am now and i took some SleepNow spray, so i should start to wind down. yay, i had secks tonght:).