just got out of detox/rehab

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    and came home last saturday... to a huge mess in my house. My daughters were supposed to be taking care of the house and the animals but apparently did the minimum possible and left the rest for good ol' mom, the hopeless helpless drunk. but at least I'm still good for something. I can still clean up after everyone else. the rehab place gave me a scrip for a month of my zoloft but that does me no good as I can't afford it. so will have to do without it. piss on them all. piss on my "loving" family members who delight in reminding me of my "character defects"... as if I needed reminding. the only ones in my household who were truly glad to see me comehome were my dogs... and they were the only ones who truly forgave me for my faults and are willing to give me another chance. fuck the rest of them. I just don't care anymore.
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    Hey be proud of yourself. You just got out of detox/rehab. You are working on changing you. It's up to the rest of the family to do the same. It's not your job. Try and find a place in your home that is yours, a bedroom, or the garage or a spot in the basement. Keep it how you want it, and off limits to everyone else!! Your little haven from the mess of the rest of them. A place where you can be you and continue to work on being you. And thank God for pets, the most unconditional and loving of any of the creatures on this Hell hole of a planet!!! Ok,the dogs are allowed in too (lol). Time to stop being so hard on yourself and good luck!!!
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    dear the least of these,
    your family members am sure don't know that they are hurting you. they think they are helping you. this is a big problem we all face when it comes to our family members. because they are the people closest to you, they just go ahead and judge you and tell you all about your faults ignoring the fact that you atlease went to the rehab and that you might have changed e.t.c. they just expect too much of us. we have alot to learn from our family members. i don't think God put them there for no reason.

    They came to teach us forgiveness among many life's lessons. forgive them. pass that test. the other test you have to pass is to forgive yourself for the faults you have done. forget the past. the past was meant to be exactly how it was. for a good reason that you may never discover on this side of eternity. move on with your life. dont' forget all that you have learnt from your past and integtrate those lessons in your future so you won't make the same mistakes again. see how a bad past can actually be a blessing! all humans make mistakes. we are supposed to. and then learn from them and help others with our experience. i hope you will have a good future.