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just got out of rehab :(

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Well just got out of rehab having spent 7 months of hell in there.
started getting depressed last november, finally in feb id had anuf, xxxxxxxxx on the ward i was on, they had to resusitate me and i was in a coma for days because of swelling on my brain....i felt so angry when i woke up i can tell you,............so now im bk out in the real world, living at my mums no place of my own and feel like im slipping down the same slope again, feelings of not wanting to live this life, i mean why shoulld i have to life feeling the way i do, i see no purpose of being here....its all just crazy why cnt i live my life like others do??? anyone else just got out of a mental unit and feeling the same? let me know cos im sure im not the only one out there thats been thro this :(
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I just posted a thread here awhile ago about having the option of suicide versus toughing it out. The thing that keeps me going and I'm probally not as bad as you (Most likely because I held my sense of humor through it), is the zest for life. There's always a reason to live and while you're alive, you can always find away around your problem. If I were you, I'd tough it out. Do things you like and when you think of suicide, say, "Nah, I gotta go do this(Talk to your friends, eat an icecream cone, watch your favorite episode of something, listen to a favorite song,) instead."
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