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Just graduated today.

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I was having a decent time then.
But so many people dislike me and a lot of those same people are going to my college. I'm nothing to them, and I know I shouldn't care, but I do. They're always going to dislike me no matter what I do. I barely passed, too. I feel like I'm going to be nothing. I hate the fact that these people dislike me just because other people do.

When I walked across the stage, I felt anxious. I knew people were looking at me then, thinking this kid is so weird or creepy. They were telling others they didn't like me. I can't let this hold me from realizing a good deal of my potential. Even people I know who I'm supposed to be cool with call me weird behind my back. I hate it so much.

After I sat back down after receiving my diploma, I felt better. It felt like graduating college was not going to be difficult at all. Now that I'm home and alone, I'm unsure. I don't feel like I'm anything.
Congrats on graduating!!! Like you said it doesnt matter if they like you or if they go to your college of choice. You gotta learn to say f*ck em and be you. :) because i'm sure youre a good nice person.


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Congratulations! You are going to have a great time in college. So many people, so many opportunities. You are gonna love college.
Congrats!! People told me that being in college is way better than high school. The possibility of the people who don't like you being a problem after this is pretty slim unless you all decide to major in the same thing and take the same classes. Otherwise you probably won't even see them :3

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Congratulations on graduating the hardest part is over! Don't worry about those people not liking you from school. There are so many more people at college that you probably won't see those people often. If they don't like you it's their loss because you are a wonderful person.
If you are unsure then start making a game plan. See what clubs that the school has to offer what in the area can you get involved in? Are you going to live on campus? If so focus on getting your stuff ready to go!

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Congrats hun and your right you cannot let anyone prevent you from reaching your goals these people will eventually grow up and yu will not have to deal with them ever again go to college make new friends hun be yourself okay
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