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Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by Dante Wrath, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Dante Wrath

    Dante Wrath Member

    I swear i'm this close to going to school with a knife and killing all those who have ever made me feel like shit.
    I go to an all boys school and get bullied constantly cos i have long hair and i'm a 'goth' or whatever the chavs all me these days.
    I put up with both physical and verbal bullying on a dailt basis and it usally doesnt get to me.
    Today i had my hair in a ponytail, which i have been growing for the good part of 2 years now, and someone came up behind me and cut it off... And i just snapped... I went skitz on the guy himself and i swear tommrow i will on anyone who even looks at me funny.

    Stuff like this pisses me off the most... Verbal you can block out... Physical you can sometimes defend yourself or jut block out the pain... this sorta stuff you can't get away from
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  2. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    Well, I hope you scare the shit out of the people who give you crap.

    High schools are fucking prisons. The only thing I learned is how shitty human nature is.

    LILICHIPIE Well-Known Member

    killing all those assholes wont make you feel any better. ur only returning ur own violence against urself.

    high school was shit, college even more. in high school, that was all about looks and who would pass out with drinking.College is about how to get the nastiest money career and how to fuck everybody with money.
    im thankful tho that ive an education because so many ple who dont wish they had and are gifted for that
  4. cupiononesse

    cupiononesse Active Member

    Woot! A7X!
    Nice. Altho their new one is a bit too G'n'R for me (Almost Easy? Srsly?), City of Evil totally kicks ass :D
    My bestie wasn't tolerated at high school neither, but he took lessons from how other people reacted to difference and is now probably the most well-adjusted person I know. On the other hand, I had a very shallow kind of popularity but was always depressed and still am (just hide it from people). Watch your oppressors, learn from their mistakes, and accept people as they are. Once you get out of high school, you'll be better than most at almost everything social because you'll truly be yourself and the others will be lost without their pathetic herd mentality. If you don't already try getting into guitar or drums, great ways to release anger.
    P.S. I went to an all-boys school too hah. Fucks you up a bit dunnit? Don't worry about it, embrace your difference XD I know I have.
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  5. A_pixie

    A_pixie Well-Known Member

    My heart goes out to you. I live in the UK and the chavs around my area have bullied me mercilessly. I went through the same thing in high school "goth" "grunger" or whatever they call us nowadays....

    The fact is, these people have nothing better to do than harass you. They see you aren't a total sheep like them and are threatened by you. Have you asked any teachers about whether they know how you are being treated? If they are letting these people get away with this, they are just as bad and if they won't help then call the police.

    If you show these guys any kind of violence that isn't self-defense you won't be able to get them in half the amount of shit you could do than if you kept your cool...

    Let me know how you get on, I think high school should be fucking banned.
  6. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    How about talking to a teacher or an adult who you trust, about this.
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