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I have belonged to a different forum for a while and felt really comfortable there. However my suicidal thoughts have become more troubling and there doesn't seem to be an outlet there to talk about them. So it feels a little weird being here, like the new girl and I am trying to find my way around and also get an understanding of the boundaries as I think I am still not allowed to talk about my thoughts in detail?

I am glad I have found this site and hope I can contribute as well as get some help myself.



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Welcome at SF Dragon,

If you go over the fact section, this should give you a fairly good orientation. I hope you'll find the forum supportive an that it will allow to share some of what is going on with you. again, welcome aboard. :)
Glad you're here! I feel like sometimes helping others is a really good way to help yourself, that's half the reason I joined as well. So good luck and I hope you find SF to your liking.


Hi, thanks for the welcome - it is a relief to know I am not alone on this planet at this time - I appreciate your posts.
Hi there soupdragon! Welcome to SF, I hope you can feel at home here. I haven't been here long myself, but this place has quickly become my outlet and my safe place. I love all the people here I have talked to so far, it helps knowing I'm not alone in the dark, that other's are here too.
You can open up and be honest here, no one will judge you. We kinda tell eachother everything, and the friendless have become friends. We don't talk about methods, but we are free to talk about why we feel what we feel, and it's good to get some feedback. I've told the folks here more about me than I have ever been able to tell the people around me.
If you ever wanna chat, my PM is usually open as I'm almost always online.


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welcome soupdragon.. if you look at the top of the welcome forum think you will find a topic of the rules and guidelines there.. lots of good people here and think you will find everyone has a lot in common as welll as being unique also.. read some of the posts and look around and hope you get to feeling comfortable on here.. tc, Jim


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Welcome to SF! Don't worry! There is no such thing as the 'New Guy/Girl' here! We're all equals! :)

Welcome to the SF Family :)


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Welcome, Soup. I'm sure you'll get used to the forums here in no time, especially with your experience on another forum. =)


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Welcome to the forums!! It's not your thoughts or feellings that you can't talk about.. It's methods..That is a big NO...Feel free to explore and meet some people along the way..Take Care!!


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Be-lated welcome! Because I am always late for everything. But this is a great place to talk. Or at times just rant (which I love being able to just rant here since I have no other safe place!)
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