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Just leave me to it

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Why do the police come out everytime an ambulance is called by someone who thinks I should live? Just how dare they force treatment on me?I thought it was one thing that was in my controll.

Every time I tryed to run they got me back WHY?
Tryed again on friday with an overdose aparently Im slowly killing my liver well why cant they leave me to it?

I mean can they really force me to have treatment?
They've forced me to treatment so many times over the years and it pisses me off too.... I think they are being selfish because if I really want to die why not let me?
But apperantly they care about me and you and everyone else they 'save'...
they are just doing what they are supposed to do I guess.


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Well I guess but I always thought they couldnt do it unless you were sectioned or under the mental health act.

And my consultant said they couldnt use the mental health act against me


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I have to say, I agree. I'm all for individuality. Authority has no say in what we do in your personal life. And they definitely don't have a say in whether we should live or not. I believe that life is worth sticking it out. Theres alot of good that can come, and alot of bad. It's all a big experience.

If you want to end your life, that's your choice. But always keep in mind, you just might feel better in the morning. You might wake up with one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. The feeling of being truly alive, saying, "I'm glad I didn't do it. I'm thankful to be alive.". May sound cheesy, but think about it. Wait another day or two with that mindset. Give it a chance. Wake up with the thought that, YOU control your life. YOU are your own boss. The cereal you decide to eat in the morning was your choice. What you do today, is your choice. Everything is a choice. There may be people, or things in your life who come in contact, and may even force you to make a choice. But most of your life consists of choices you make. Life, full of whatever I want it to be. Or death, the unknown. Choose wisely, depending on your choice, you may not be able to make it again.
Oh well, I guess if someone calls an ambulance... that they can give u medical treatment.... here ill find out more for you it might take a little while but ill come back with some good answers...


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I agreetoo. Damn it.....It is our choice to live or die. It is our right and no one should interfere with it. The cops need to stay out of it. People in general need to stay out of it. It is a personal choice. You have to do what is right for you.


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Yep it is our choice all this bollocks about suicide being against the law what can they do if your dead nothing.It sounds bludy REDICUALOUS to me.

Surely we have the choice of weather or not we want to live.
So who the hell are they to force us to have treatment if we dont want it.


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exactly....in my case nobody can do anything....i want to die ...if its a violent death so be it.....i wont take anybody else down w/ me its my decision


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its always our decision but according to the god damn law its not its ment to be against the law. Which seems crazy beyond belife cos once youve done it and your dead how the hell can they do you for it. mad hu.

I belive that it shuld be the poersons choice it was my choice but I got stopped next time I hope I sucseed



If you persuade them that you are not going to harm yourself, then that relieves them of their responsibility. If you admit you are trying to end your life or try to run or get into an argument about your rights they will win. They are playing a game with rules, so learn the rules and then you have something to work with. In an ideal world all other people would respect our wishes or right to personal autonomy, but in our real world very few will do that. Especially is this true with cops- do not argue with cops, it doesn't work. Their job is to make sure you are still alive unless you are trying to kill other people. You have to know how to deal with different people.


But always keep in mind, you just might feel better in the morning. You might wake up with one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. The feeling of being truly alive, saying, "I'm glad I didn't do it. I'm thankful to be alive.". bb.
For some of us your words of encouragement are just not consistent with the evidence that we see every day of our lives. Your theory :albert: rests upon the very weak possibility that maybe...just MAYBE....this time...things will be different !!!

It is the difference between something that is possible , ( such as finding a cure for cancer or winning the lottery ) and something that is probable ( will the sun rise again tomorrow ?, will George Bush :duh: still be an idiot ? )

It's a matter of odds and the odds are that even though your theory expresses a wonderful optimism, the statistical likelihood of that hopeful scenario actually happening is negligible.

Speaking for myself, I need better odds that that. As much as I truly need to feel that there is hope for me, I can never be satisfied with what basically amounts to false hope.

But you do deserve all praise :clap: for attempting to bring a ray of light to amylou and my perspective may totally wrong concerning her and others on this forum.
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