Just let me come home!

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    I was sent home from school for two weeks a little over two months ago for cutting. I haven't been able to catch up with my work and it makes me want to hurt myself and I finally told my parents I want to give up on this semester yesterday. They said they'd come to get me today. My sister called yesterday and yelled at me for it, telling me I didn't try hard enough. And then my parents kept calling me and being disappointed in me so I cried all yesterday. I wrote my school counselor about it last night, and she wrote back saying it was a good choice(she had said she wanted me to take the semester off two months ago). Now my parents have called me again with all of these options so "you don't feel like a failure." Too fucking late! And where were these options two months ago?! I asked if I could drop one class, you said no! Now you're suggesting I drop 3?! I just want to go home. I'm sick of trying. And there's no way I'm fucking going to class today like you told me to. I'm going home! There's no point in going to class! And how am I supposed to answer the phone from my psychiatrist if I leave my room. And he doesn't call and I've missed lunch because of it and I'm hungry and I feel sick. And how am I supposed to remember what you said on the phone at 6 am when I went to bed at 4?!
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    Hi Nicothodes. I also think that you should just go home and take time to rest. You need time away from school to recover. When you are better you can give school another shot. :hug:
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    They're making me stay. Shit.
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    Stinkers. :mad:

    :hug: I'm in the same boat kinda. I can't leave unless I want to try and pay off my student loans now. It makes things really hard.