Just let me die.

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  1. Deathly Strike

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    Why can't I fucking die?

    Day after day, I wake up knowing that I'll only end up going through the same problems with the same outcomes and yet I carry on living it. I've tried time after time to end it all, to delete myself from this face of the Earth, and yet God has a way of keeping me alive. I don't fucking deserve to live. I look at it this way - I should have died at birth, and gave some other poor soul a chance to live. I lead a crap life anyway, and the other person could have had it so much better. But instead I live on, and make a fuck up of my life. Just let me fucking die God, let me die tonight.

  2. see

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    I am hear to talk just pm me if you want

  3. TheBLA

    TheBLA The biggest loser alive.

    Man, I'm feeling like you. I was born premature and very weak, I should have fucking died, its not fair that I life a total shit life with my healthy body whereas there's someone else with so much to life for, and he/she could really use my healthy body. Life is so not fair. I hate my dad for taking me to the fucking hospital, he should have let me die, the bastard.
  4. StellarSparkle

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    Hello Cyanide

    Please don't talk like that, you deserve to live and you have so much to live for, you have many reasons to do it. You are an awesome person who deserves the best. I know how you feel and it's not easy to live with your problems, but it can get better and for that to happen you have to take part in it. Please don't do anything to yourself. You are a lot stronger than you believe.

    Take care and don't forget how to smile :smile:
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