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  1. I've been involved with self harm for about a yeah and a half. I cut and burn myself. I've tried scratching but it doesn't really work right. The scars on my arm have faded so you can't really even see them. But if you look at my legs, ohhhh buddy. I have PERFECT carved in my left thigh, and MISTAKE carved in the right one. I had perfect in my leg because well, society, I guess. I feel like I need to work so hard to be perfect but it's basically impossible. I have mistake in my leg because of this long story. But to sum it up, I was heartbroken by a boy I really love, and he basically called me a mistake and he wants nothing to do with me. I also have ATB carved on my body; It is the initials of a different boy that fucked me over. I also have burns from my straightener or my lighter all over me, too. And there's a lot of cuts. But, yeah.
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    I'm sorry to hear all of what you've been going through. I guess I won't be much of a help because I want to hurt myself now too. It's awful that we have to go through these types of feelings. Sometimes I wish I didn't have feelings at all.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your injuries from self harm. Thanks for feeling open enough with us to let us know that you've self harmed in the past - and that you are in to it. Sometimes self harm can only make you feel good for so long. Self-harm is quite common and your not alone - there's many others that self harm. I'm not here to judge you because your remaining open with us, and it's not my job to judge or be resentful towards you. I hope the urges of self harm leave from you. :hug:

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