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Just lost 2 Family Members.

Usually I handle death pretty well, though I suppose others may see it as heartless... But, we each handle death in our own way.

I recently lost two members of my extended family, one from old age/health issues, another that just made no sense... we don't know for sure what caused it. Depression? Drugs? Triggered by the other family members looming death?

I believe my issue with all this is that I didn't get to see them prior to their death, or talk to them, plus I was the only one who couldn't go to the funeral.

It's left me feeling like I never was able to have any sort of closure, but also feeling like I'm not really a member of this family (aka the inlaws).
I haven't gotten to talk to anyone about whats happened, for they all either don't want to talk to "me" about it, or I'm trying this whole time to not mention it to the rest of them, for fear of upsetting them.
sorry about your losses. am not much of a talker on the forum but know what you are going through. as to the suicide, family are not ready to talk openly about it, they suffer, question themselves, would like to talk but too scare of the 'issue' which left them unprepared and wondering... might even blame themselves wich is tipical to aftermath of a suicide in family. Be willing and open to listen but dont take iniziative in opening and digging in others at this time is my personal adivice.

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