Just lost my girlfriend

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    I met my girlfriend about 6 months ago, first we started talking, and i was making jokes so she laughed. We would spend hours speaking about funny stuff, in general having a goodtime. Then one day i told her straight that I really liked her, and she said she did too. That day was one of the best in my life. She was my first girlfriend, sadly she lived far from my village and meeting was a problem. We could only meet once or twice a month. After our first date I had my first kiss, well snog. It was magic, best thing ive ever done. After that we did some more sexual acts. We carried on talking, speaking about the things we did, how good it felt. Every call was out our love, and being together. I had finally found a girlfriend, she was perfect, she loved me as much as I did. About 1 month ago things kinda went weird. She stopped sending me txts, she couldnt meet as much. When speaking she wouldn't talk about love, and went days without talking. I spend days waiting for her to call or speak to me (we sometimes used msn messenger to speak). When she did speak she wouldnt say much, she said her msn was broken and her phone was out of credit. Time passed. One day we started speaking about love again, and planned to meet soon, i asked her to go to a prom dance with me, she said yes. I thought the problem was fixed. Wrong, she blocker my msn, she declined all my calls and ignored my txts. Then after a quick chat about things, she blocked me again. One of her friends told me this, she said that my girlfriend wanted to be with someone else, someone she wanted to be with rather than me. She still liked me but wanted to be with this other person. She refused to speak to me, i pleaded with her to speak, so we could solve this problem like adults. Now a week on and no word from her, she's wiped me from existance, wont take my calls or listen to me. I felt so close to her, i couldnt find a girlfriend in my own area, nd i was lucky to find her. I doubt I can feel the same way with another girl again, or if ill have the confidence to. I feel weird, i dont want anyone else doing stuff to my girlfriend, things that ive done. I just want to know why she doesnt want to be with me, a reason why. What does this other person offer that i dont, she loved me so why did she ditch me, wouldnt talk. We talked about stuff that i wouldnt tell my friends or family. There are other factors to my suicide attempts, but this is the major one.
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    I really feel for you it's not your fault I see how you're hurting and it's not easy I know,I wish it was easier sadly thing's are made harder when they shouldn't be.I'm really sorry for the pain you're in and you don't deserve this,all you can do is try your best and that's hard also because I know it's easier said than done.If you would like to talk I'm here because I know how it is when you like someone and bang all of a sudden they shut you out,it hurt's like a real bitch.So I just want to let you know I know how it feel's and you can talk to me about it,please just try not to blame yourself it's not your fault at all.
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    Im lucky, she got in contact with me today, she said that we can still be friends which im happy with. Id dather be friends with her than to lose her forever, i wouldn't throw away everything we have for nothing. This has made me feel a lot better, thanks for the advice, we spoke nd we said that its not my fault, and that maybe, with time we could be together again. Now im feeling more positive and i feel i can take on my other problems.
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    Great news my dear friend keep being friends and you never know what can happen ok?I'm here anytime if you need just try to be calm.
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    i had an exact problem with my girlfriend so ive become suicdle and depressed i even self harm cos i cant take it, she was my first girlfriend to. ur not alone in this problem. my pet kitty hugs you :D
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    Man, I fell your pain.. I knew a girl (in the far east), we've just chatted, sent us even presents and stuff, so I really sticked to her. After 2 years, when she found a boyfriend, she did the same thing as yours.

    I know this isn't exactly the same, but sometimes it makes you wonder how your partner does really feel about you
  7. Something similar has happened to me, and I think the issue is common with alot of females. There are some really great women in the world, though there are so many more bad ones, it's difficult to find the ones who are good. This is why I'm supportive of science in terms of the development of robots/artificial life. A relationship without the pain. I hope you feel better soon, Unknown, and everyone else who has been hurt by their ex-girlfriends.
  8. :hug: everyone
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    This has happened to me, and probably most guys in the world too. Only a very small amount of people are lucky enough to find "the one" with their first gf/bf, or even the second, third, or fourth. The first relationship is usually the hardest to get over because it seems so perfect and you jump right in with both feet thinking it'll last forever, one half of the couple nearly always gets scared and leaves. It doesn't take away that you had good times together though, and it doesn't make your love at the time any less real. Just because a girl leaves you it doesn't mean that she's a bad person, it just didn't work out. There'll be other girls who like you, you'll be in love again and most likely you'll get your heart broken again. Is it worth going through the pain for the good times? That's up to you to decide, but I think yes.
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    This sucks alot. And I have to admit I've been there. Some how people think it hurts the other person less or is easier if they just ignore you. I wish people wouldnt be so childish and wish they realised that its easier in the long run to be truthful to their face.

    This must be especially hard for you as she was ur first gf, and kiss, aw
    poor thing!