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  1. I feel so utterly hopeless and helpless. I broke up with my boyfriend on saturday because i hadn't been sure for a while whether the "spark" was still there anymore. It took me ages to decide whether to do it or not because i was scared that the depression was stopping me from appreciating him. Now it's only a few days later and I already feel like I've fucked it all up. He was the person who helped me when I felt bad and now I've got rid of him. I haven't self-harmed for about 6 years, but I might as well now.
  2. I don't know where to go now - I have housemate who are all lovely and caring but it still feels like they don't quite understand not wanting to live. I've messed up the best thing I've ever had and I don't even have the energy to fight for him because I know he deserves to be able to leave me and get on with his life.
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    but it still feels like they don't quite understand not wanting to live.

    I don't know that anyone can understand your feelings, even someone like me who has similar feelings tos you. Your feelings are yours and mine are mine.

    I have broken up with my wife of 40 years partially because the spark was not there.

    Now I feel terrible.

    Can you get back with him?

    I feel for you - best wishes.
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    Well, you do know the saying that if you love someone, let it go. When it comes back, it's yours. When it doesn't, it never was.
    It's a bit messed up, sorry.. I think that you should let that other person decide, whether he/she want's to be with you.. so.. Give her/him a choice. Can you be with me when I'm down on my knees. Can you pick me up? You should ask her/him that. Then you can make peace with yourself somehow. You have a final solution.
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