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    Well I just celebrated my 23rd birthday and what can i say, felt like any other day. Plain jane day. I'm getting older and to be honest, i never thought i was going to be here to see my 23rd bday, but i guess there's a first for everything. I just don't feel the fun in anything anymore. I look at stuff that i use to like to do and just get so turned off by it. Feels like i'm slowly losing my mind and it's really starting to get to me. I've started taking medication as a result of my depression and i thought they were going to help me out of this. This horrible gut wrenchin feeling that i've had ever since i was 13, i'm sure you all know the one. I am sadly mistaken, or maybe i haven't seen the effects that this medication can have because i'm scared of change. I often think to myself that i have avoidant personality disorder. It is: a psychiatric condition in which a person has a lifelong pattern of feeling extremely shy, inadequate, and sensitive to rejection. I'm scared of what's going to happen to me, yet i'm too scared to actually admit to anyone that i'm hurting inside and I need some serious help. I want to get better, i can't live like this anymore :sad:
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    I'm pretty sure there's more than one med for any certain thing...and even if there isnt - in the chance the one you're taking now doesnt effect you well enough, maybe the dosage isnt right, talk to your doctor about it!
    Please be strong! and share those feelings with someone you feel comfortable with! Try as hard as you can to open up to them! I'm sure the people around you would want to help you out!
    You can always send me a PM if you wanna talk!!