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  1. im a member of this forum but i forgot my login details its been a long time since ive last posted and i want to remain anon

    ive been triggered by a dream i had last night which doesnt help matters. I use to self harm alot but havnt actually done it for about a year now but i have been tempted on a few occasions :(

    I live in a house share and i have a shitty job so i barely have enough money for rent and food and sum months i have to ask for food from my girlfriend which makes me feel like a leech :(

    My days off work i wonder why i bother getting out of bed. All i do is go on my pc and download movies and games and 1 day i'll get caught but its the only thing stopping me going crazy :(

    Ive gained 2 stone (82Kg) since ive moved into this place because its a new area to me (approx 150 miles away from where i use to live) and i knackered a ligiment in my ankle from my last job so i cant do much walking or excersice :(

    im actually bored to tears. Hate going to work but thats the only thing i look forward to during the week :(

    weekends me and my girlfriend just do the same damn thing everytime and its getting way to repetitive. I love her so much and she cant help that theres nothing to do i know but it kinda seems like we have lost the spark we use to have and it worries me :(

    I have no friends ... im lonely and bored :(
  2. Things

    Things Well-Known Member

    You're not a leech. You need help, and it's good to acknowledge and accept help.

    As for your girlfriend, perhaps try something spontaneous. Like watch a movie together or go out to eat (something that isn't too expensive of course). Some random thing to break the monotony.
  3. hello things

    we do goto the cinema but theres rarely anything on these days :/ and we do go for a meal now and again but shes on a diet and because of money issues we go once a month

    if only i had friends or atleast a decent job i wouldnt be in this situation :(
  4. Things

    Things Well-Known Member

    You can look things up on line. On Demand has a section for free movies, and so does Youtube.

    I wish I could help you more, but I know nothing about relationships.

    As for friends, what hobbies do you have?
  5. i download movies but me and my girlfriend have very different taste in movies ...

    and i have no hobbies :( litrally i do nothing but download movies and pc games, then play the pc games. i use to play football but because of my ankle i cant anymore. So i do nothing but work .. sad life really
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