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    Frankly I'm just tired of everything around me. I'm really hating my job, I'm hating my living situation, I'm hating The people I encounter everyday. Everytime I go away for the weekend to go see my girlfriend 3 hours away it always turns out to be a complete relief to be away from here... and not just because I get to see my girlfriend, but also because I just get away from everything that is bothering me. I jave a choice to make soon... When I get my tax return I can either stay here in this city and just get my own place here... or I can quit my job and just move to my girlfriend's city. I know that the decision I make could very well determine how happy I am for the next year and its driving me insane to think about. All I want is just a couple months of being able to just relax and not have to worry about stuff.
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    Know exactly how you feel but moving without a new job to go to will only add more stress

    Save your tax refund start looking for a new job closer to your girlfriend and if a good opportunity presents itself, go for it