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Hey, my name is Eric and i just registered with this forum. I find myself, while not alone physically, my girlfriend is laying right next to me, i feel alone mentally and emotionally and very depressed, thinking about death. I find it hard to share these feelings, and was just hoping i could find someone to talk to. hopefully someone is out there...
I'd like to give you your official Welcome to SF forums!

There are many many people to talk to right now, you can look in the chat room, or check whos online, most people don't mind getting private messages.

As for the quick solution, I'm right here :laugh: If you do want to talk about something, you can send me a private message, and I'll be glad to talk, or if you have msn, send me a private message with your addy, I'll add you and we can talk there.

Welcome to forums, Hope you have fun.

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Hi there

Welcome to the forum :) I think it's quite common for people suffering from depression to feel alone emotionally.. even when in a crowd of people it's possible to feel alone.. anyway, i hope that we here at SF can help make you feel less alone.. it's good to have a place where people can understand and relate to what's going on..

Anyway, welcome and hope to see you around :)



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Hey, do reach out. We can relate to the silent empty feeling even in a crowd.
Take care and PM me if you need a pal, I will try to get back to you soon!


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the reason you feel alone is because you probably are. No one is feeling like shit like you are. I know im feeling like shit all the time. I just try to get through the day cause i have children that need me. I notice alot of times when im with my wife or people that are my friends. they arent really hearing what im saying. they just laugh and then start to say something. to everyone it is a big party. and to me life sucks. I have maybe one person that actually listens to what I say and she is on the other side of the world and i get to talk to her via email. friends that listen are hard to find. they are to busy talking and having their own problems to make you feel any better. So eric talk to people at this forum, cause we are going through some major shit in our lives. we dont know what you are going through. But we know that we feel shitty and alone alot, so at least we can be alone together. peace,,,,,, a friend,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Jason
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