just need to grumble...

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  1. justmeonlyme

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    idk whats going on with things right now i was in such a good place now it just feels like things are slowly falling apart...
    i cant keep up with uni work and im just falling further and further behind which is stressing me out
    my flatmates cant even seem to clean up after themselves so i spend so much time just cleaning the house... atleast my last flatmates cleaned up after themselves...
    my boyfriend is just too far away... i dont even know when i will get to see him next its so hard... it hurts so much being so far away
    i dont know if i will be able to get a prac in bf town im so worried it wont happen... i need it too... idk what ill do if i cant go there for prac...
    i was looking fwd to saying up here for the holidays that are coming up now mum wants me to come home... i dont want to... home is too much of a stress id rather stay here and actureally have a holiday if i go there i know i want be able to relax. but she played the i miss you card so i cant really say no i dont want to come home because i dont like being around the famiily...
    my car is broken...
    and now i stuff up chat and i cant get on... what kind of chat assistant am i if i cant even make my own chat work....
    everything is just falling apart and idk what to do...
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  2. Terry

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    One thing at a time.

    Go see your head tutor about the uni work, I fell behind in my third year due to working and my son playing up and not going to school.
    I did find a set routine of study helped enormously and my tutors were very supportive.

    Tell mum you cannot come home as you are inundated with uni work and are worried you may fail your course if you don't stay and catch up. That should stop her nagging about you coming home.

    Have a word (pm) with Raven, if he cannot fix your java problem, no one can.

    Lastly, take a deep breath and RELAX!
  3. justmeonlyme

    justmeonlyme Long Time SFer Staff Alumni

    thanks terry im alright now it was just one of those nights. i ended up just reversing my java update that fixed chat.
    uni i just have to do the work...
    as for mum not sure there is away around going home as she knows i will have no uni work in these holidays
  4. total eclipse

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    If you are behind then tell your mom ok she will understand you have to get caught up on your work maybe she can come visit you for a day
    uni is very stressful and if you need time just for you then take it when you can even 1o min just to unwind Glad to hear you got java working
    but the support is there use it ok at uni extra tutoring time etc
  5. justmeonlyme

    justmeonlyme Long Time SFer Staff Alumni

    na i dont have uni work to do in the holidays because its between semesters.
    i now have work if i go home so ima have to go home anyway