Just need to let it out, idk where else to turn :(

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    My mom kicked me out of the house back in March...for no reason other then telling her I was sick of living with her. She wrote me two letters the following night, and one saying she wasn't going to hire a lawyer to fight it...if I wanted to live with my dad then I could. But being the liar she is, she hired a lawyer...and my mom is being a pain about it, he lawyer said she would loose the case but my mom is still insisting on fighting it and taking it to court. She refuses to give me things that are mine...like my dog that was given to me for my birthday, a heating blanket, my furniture...etc. I know it may not seem like big things...but most of the things were gifts to me, how is that suppose to make me feel when I can't even own those things? She is becoming mental...she is stalking me and sending me envelopes filled with pamphlets about abuse...according to her my dad is abusing me. She keeps making up lies about family members, like they are severly injured and they need me. I finaly had enough and went over to my house the other day to see if the key worked, and to my surprise it did. All my furniture was gone...my bedroom was empty. She had purchased several new pieces of furniture for herself and a new digital camera. I took my dog though, and she is the only thing that I have now. I have no friends to talk to about this, they are all two faced liars and hate me. On top of this...I dated someone for a half a year before finding out just last month that he was cheating on me...he said it was because he didn't want to hurt me with the truth...when he full well knew my main problem with my mom was that she was always lieing to me. A ex bf of mine back in fall of last year came back in my life...and he just wants sex from me, I was ok with it...until today. I figured out that I am very alone right now and having sex with a ex bf who me wouldn't be the best way to make the situtation right again, non the less I am still contemplating it. I
    I am at wits end and getting more depressed each day...these custody issues have been going on for 10 years...and it exceeds any other divorced couple...:(
    advice would be nice...or talking about drywall would even help at this point.
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    hey there ..
    it sounds like u have so so much going on right now..
    its a shame ur mum is behaving like this .. obviously i dont know her - and although it might seem a strange way of showing it - i think ur mum must love and care about u alot.. a mum that didnt care wouldnt keep persisting at trying 2 get u back home with her .. and wouldnt send u those pamphlets..
    from what i can gather ur main problem is ur mum right this moment?
    mabye u can try and sit down with her and get everything out that u want 2 say or get answers 2? mabye take a family member with u? so if things get heated they can calm u both down ..
    have u tried going 2 ur doctors for some help? he could get u some counciling.. and help with ur depression so it doesnt get any worse..
    i really really hope things get better 4 u ..
    if u ever fancy a chat u can pm me if u like ..
    all the best :hug: