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  1. Hi,

    A couple of weeks ago, I joined this forum, because I had suicidal thoughts. Today, I feel better, but this morning, I woke up with quite some blues. I feel like I need to write down what is in my head.

    I mentioned earlier that I had money/debt issues. In fact, I was working on a start-up and it became clear that the 3rd party we relied was far from ready to deliver his part of his work. Hence, we cannot monetize what we have done and we ran out of money. I need a new job, but I have not been on the market for a while, which makes it more difficult. I am also having a hard time to digest this failure. I sacrificed several years of my life for nothing so far...

    I also mentioned a woman I was interested in. We live more than 1000 km apart. We finally met in Paris the other week. We are attracted to each other, but find it hard to connect too. I guess it is because we are both children of malignant narcissists and we have our strong defense mechanism. So hard to open up sometimes... I think it will take us time to accept each other.

    I think that once I managed to make money again, most of my stress will go, and so will the blues/depressing feeling...
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    Hi there, thanks for sharing and its GOOD to do this and write down your feelings, so I am pleased you felt you were able to do so here.
    I hope you will start to feel abit less blue soon, its such a hard slog, life, and sometimes we think we are going up and then back down again...........here if you need a friend or an ear. Take care.
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