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Just need to vent.

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I'm so tired of applying for jobs, filling out the same crap.

I had an interview yesterday....only it was not to be. Why? Because I don't drive.

My sister recommends that I take a break from job searching since it's wearing me down. But if I stop thinking about jobs, I'll be thinking about the friend I had a fall out with.

I just wish I can literally delete her from my life and memory.
Applying for jobs, damn how I hate that. I spend hours puttting the aplication together trying to write the right stuff so I would get the job and then nervous like hell wait for the call for the interview wondering will they even call me and did I write everything or did I forget something. And then the same thing after the interview, if there is one, constant wondering did I get the job, did they like me... It's so stressful.

Don't worry, they didn't even know what they were looking for. A good worker or someone who drives. They should at least offer you the chance to get your drivin' licence (if you don't have one) while working for them.
I agree with your sister. If you can afford to be out of job for a while, then take your time and have a break. The jobs will still be out there when you're ready to continue searching.
If the friendship can't be saved then maybe you should try to busy yourself with other friends or maybe a hobby. Try to find the thing that makes you happy or just feels good to you.


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@oftenconfused, Yeah it's awful. And then a lot of times you may never hear back from them. And yeah, they should. Part of the reason I want a job is to afford driving school. I literally don't have the money for that at all. I don't mind getting it while working at all. The latest rejection, sadly, was closer to something that I probably would've enjoyed. To be honest, I really can't afford to be out of a job this summer, especially since I don't live here in the Fall. I literally have no money left.

I wish I could find something to make me happy. A job would've and I'd be out of the house all day. Everything else I enjoyed died after the fall out. Finding a hobby has been extremely difficult since my fall out with the friend. She's sort of my muse, to be honest. I usually write and draw, but not when I'm like this. I can't think of anything else I'd spend a lot of time with, and I hate being at home (mom).

@ lachrymose27, *hug*
I had that problem of not having driving licence when the job demanded it, but they gave me that chance. They hired me for my skills and gave me the chance to get my licence during work. When I got my first paycheque I went to driving school and later got my licence and it didn't cost them a thing.
That's how it should be, everyone deserves a chance. Sometimes people just don't understand that they can't expect something if they are not willing to give something. I mean, you can't expect to get payed for something if you're not willing to work for it.

And the thing about driving licence and other stuff that really 'pisses me off' is that many think that it's so easy to get it. Like before I got my licence, many people I know kept asking me "well can't your parents just give you the money". Guess not all of them understand that some of us don't have rich family and have to work our butts off to be able to afford something.

Maybe you should try explaining your current situation when you write applications. Maybe something like, "my current financial situation just doesn't allow me to go to driving school, but I am prepared to and will do my best to get my licence as soon as I can if you are still willing to give me that job.", well something like that. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky.

About your friend. The only thing that comes to my mind is, if she is so important to you, then maybe you can try to salvage the friendship or just give her and you some time to cool off. But if you think that it can't be saved then you should try to move on and find your inspiration, your muse in someone else.
I'm sure you'll find a solution, just don't give up trying.


"It always seems impossible, until it's done."
(Nelson Mandela)
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