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Just Not Feeling "It"

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Another one of those days. The days where I allow my anxiety to overrule me. It causes me to think entirely too hard and waste way too much energy on stupid thoughts. This consumes my life. And I hate it!
I thought about killing myself yesterday, and then again today. It had been a while since I have stopped and poured my energy into thinking about something like that. Wish I knew how to make it go away...

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talking to someone does help hun Perhaps as well get your mind focused on other things join a new activity try something new okay get outside that space you are in hugs to you


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Have been playing the "meds game" with the psychiatrist. Still not finding the right combo. I just learned that I have to cut back my visits with my therapist from one a week to once every 2 weeks. Stupid health insurance!
That really sucks! I'm sorry. Is your therapist cool? Maybe she could give you her email address and you could email back and forth on the weeks you can't go in the office and see her? Just a thought.
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