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Oh. My.God.

That sums up my day yesterday. Weird. It is not like anything even happened, It was just like a puzzle and none of the pieces quite fit... I meean, I wasn't sad. And then it started absolutely POURING, and I don't mean a little, there is NO WAY I could exaggerate how hard it was raining. And of course, guess who was caught outside in it? This girl! So basically not only was I weird all day, but I smelt like a wet goat and my library book got wet, so I had to let it dry and had nothing to do...



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But the rain is awesome!
Getting your book wet is poopy though.
For real though, better day today.
Best wishes.


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Awww hun, hope you feel a bit better soon, stay out of the rain and tune into netflix for the day :)
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