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just plain tired and unhappy

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I often wonder why there is such taboo around suicide. In my circumstance, I have not been happy for years, I have no family whatsoever, I'm single and although financially ok I worry about finances non-stop. Life has little meaning or joy. Practically I can not see it improving. I've attempted to get <edited moderator total eclipse method> but it is not readily available. Other than some inconvenience to lawyers and such my passing will effect no one. So why cant this be a matter of personal choice and die with dignity and peace? Certainly the issue of life or death is paramount. No one should attempt suicide without first seeking help. Still I wonder, while many health professionals support the issue of assisted suicide or right to die for "physical" illness so why not mental illness.
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I understand what you're saying..I guess most people think life is worth hanging on to...currently I'm not one of them
so many stories of people who want to die and even attempt and fail and then go on to live a full and (dare I say happy) content life..
If drugs to end it all were readily available there would be an even bigger epidemic of suicides..
Is there nothing in your life worth staying around for?
Maybe so, but I'm done. I think I found a place that will sell <edit moderator total eclipse method> The hardetst part is getting my house and personal affairs in order. Taking forever and I cant stay focused
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Sorry I didn't answer your question. In my case, there is really nothing to stick around for. I have no family, no pets. I've been unhappy as long as I can remember. I don't sleep. Life is just stress and more stress. I'm not enjoying the journey. Its time to go.


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maybe if you can understand why you are unhappy and have been unhappy that it will help you..i dont know..just trying to throw things into the mix, a lot of us know what got us to where we are and in some ways are trying to deal with it, but you dont say if you are in therapy or anything, if not, maybe its something to look into or if you are, maybe you need to talk to your therapist that things are not working...sorry cant be more helpful, other than dont give up until all options exhausted as hard as it may be..you owe it to yourself. :hugtackles:
I love pets. I've had dogs and cats in my life. They are awesome. Its not fair of me to get a pet now. They are a lifetime responsibility and I don't plan to be here much longer. I'm at peace with going, its just how to go in a way that is not painful or too disturbing to whomever finds my body.


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there is no way to go that will not be traumatising for the person that finds you thats y i am fighting till i have done what i need to do, i realise i will be passing how i feel on to whoever finds me..do you really want to do that, pass on your pain...that is so unfair...just focus on minute to minute, hour to hour...but whatever you do..stay strong and dont for a minute think that whoever finds you wont be affected....they will..and it may well cost them more than it cost you...focus on each minute and not the next...dont do it! :console:
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