just punch me in the face

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    my best friend is having mood swings a lot recently...or she always has i guess

    but it is pissing me off

    i dont give a fuck anymore just deal with it. your life isnt that bad. stop going through boyfriends like they are tampons its fucking ridiculous. dont come crying to me because you are alone...i dont give a fuck anymore you are doing this to yourself. its no one fucking fault but yours that you want to screw everything with two legs and a penis. if you cant bring the guy home to meet your mother then he isnt worth it. make better fucking choices and take responsibility for the bad ones as well.

    you are always overdramatic and blame everyone else for what goes on in your life. you can change the outcome of your life if you want to but you are too fucking lazy to do that yourself you see it as much easier to blame it on your teachers or your parents or your friends. GROW THE FUCK UP. life isnt going to wait for you to realize the power you have over your own life, so stop making excuses. :mad:
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    I will not punch you in the face. :mad:

    Glad you got all of that out of your system. :yes::hug:
  3. SmilePretty

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    maybe i will punch her in the face?