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    So, I'm failing Trigonometry. I'm gonna get grounded (probably) if I fail this week's test.. O.O and on top of that, my mum has been treating me like I'm a demon an treating my abusive little sister like she an angel and can't do anything wrong. AND now, my "big brother" is in the hospital.... I'm worried about him cuz I love him. I don't know what else to do, I'm stressed about school and home, I'm worried about him. I want to feel pain but I don't want to break my promise..
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    I'm sorry you're having a rough time, I'm happy you are keeping your promise though. That's good. But it all seems so stressful. Can you get a tutor to help you with Trig? Math wasn't my strong point in school, I don't remember it fondly. Maybe check your textbook, sometimes they have online tutoring on the textbook's website with tests, problems and questions/answers?
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    Can you get extra help from your teacher or someone in your class. Hugs.
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    Your Big Brother is doing better. He has abnormal anatomy (doesn't have a colon, due to ulcerative colitis) Which caused abnormal Cat Scans.

    Met with surgeon tonight. He's going to order an Upper GI tomorrow. If that doesn't reveal any abnormalities , home in a day or two. Have to resume eating and make sure that goes well. Home in a day or so.

    Not home free, but a much better prognosis.

    Take Care Little Sister. =)
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    A tutor sounds like a great idea. But I am impressed that you are studying trig. I barely made it through algebra and don't even remember how many times I hurled my algebra book across the room in frustration. Personally, I am convinced that there is something amiss with the way mathematics is taught. If taught properly, so many people should not be having these difficulties.
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