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Just read my private diary

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Haven't been here for a few months. Feeling pretty good at the mo.

I just had a quick read of my private diary from about 6 months ago.....and good lord there is some nasty, scary stuff in there - I can't believe that it was me that wrote it!

All sorts of stuff about wanting to die and not being able to carry on etc etc. I recall feeling pretty wretched, but I had no idea it was that bad!

Goes to show I suppose, these things pass. If I had 'done the deed', I would have lost out on loads of cool stuff I have done over the last few months.

So pleased for you.
Just goes to show how timeless things really are.
There are no real answers across the board.
We are all different, simple really.
I think we must never be complacent about these things too, familiarity breeds contempt.
I wish you so well on your journey in life, this post made me smile, thanks.


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:yay: Great Post

We need to remember that sometimes it takes over and makes us completely differant people.

I hope that things continue to go great for you and that you remember this if your ever down again.
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