Just Read Some Of The Book 'Final Exit' *Not sure if this may be triggering or not*

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by I-Died-In-My-Dream, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. I-Died-In-My-Dream

    I-Died-In-My-Dream Well-Known Member

    None of the things that I've written in here are meant to be offensive. And I'm not really ranting, it's just some thoughts that came to mind after reading the book. I just want to know if anyone else feels the same about the topic.

    It seems to be a book intended only for the terminally ill. Around the end it says that if one is intending to end their life and is not terminally ill they should call a helpline because it may be able to help solve their crisis.

    I'm not terminally ill and I do in some future time intend to end my life. My problem is not something you can solve, like the people who end their lives because they are heart broken or get bullied etc. My problem is life itself and it's pure lack of meaning. I don't see why I should 'take part' in the whole materialism, finding love and blah blah... We are born and our death clock starts ticking. Death is inevitable. Why should I stick around if I don't have any interest in living and will be dying in the end anyway? We did not have a choice to be born and we are capable of ending our lives. I think that's a sure clear sign that suicide isn't wrong. So why do people continue to assume that life is precious and all?

    Does anyone think they can solve this problem of mine by simply talking? I think I've done enough talking over the past four years and the truth is that nothings changed. I still feel the same way. I still have the same views about life.

    Why haven't I ended it already? Because I want to go in a method that is the most painless and that needs drugs which I cannot get my hands on at this age (16). That may sound like an excuse. Maybe it is, maybe the real reason I'm still around is because I want people to see how I see life. Make life pro-choice....in a sense it already is really but it isn't made clear to people. It's as if free will is continuously slowly being taken away.

    Does any of that make sense to anyone?
  2. LosingMyGrip

    LosingMyGrip Member

    Re: Just Read Some Of The Book 'Final Exit' *Not sure if this may be triggering or no

    Dear Died,

    I can totally understand how you are feeling, but I was very surprised to see that you are only 16. I know it sounds like a total cliche, and I would probably be PO'd if someone (especially on this forum, since we're all here for basically the same reason) told me this, but you ARE too young to really know what life might be like! You've got to hang on for even a little while and give yourself a chance. Whatever works for you -- even if it's "trying to make people see my way of thinking."

    I'm guessing that you probably still live at home, and one thing that really CAN change your view of life if getting out on your own....being your own boss....having your own space.....being able to eat when and whatever the Hell you feel like......not being forced to go places you don't want to go....essentially having some free will over your own life. For some people, that in itself is enough of a high to make life have meaning for them.

    So, please don't take my post the wrong way -- I completely agree with you that we should all have the choice of when and how we live AND die, but I don't think your time has come yet. In a little while, after you've experienced some life of your own, if you still feel this way, then Godspeed.

    Best wishes for you!
  3. I-Died-In-My-Dream

    I-Died-In-My-Dream Well-Known Member

    Re: Just Read Some Of The Book 'Final Exit' *Not sure if this may be triggering or no

    I did/am intending to see how it'll be when I'm living alone. But with each day I keep losing hope. Don't know how I'm going to survive college in august.
  4. Born_A_LoseR

    Born_A_LoseR Active Member

    Re: Just Read Some Of The Book 'Final Exit' *Not sure if this may be triggering or no

    I agree because back in november 2006 I had my own appartment for a couple of months and I felt really good about myself..the suicidal thoughts were gone...unfortunatly I lost the job I had at the time so I had no choice but to come back home and thats when my depression came back
  5. Rachael41

    Rachael41 Well-Known Member

    Re: Just Read Some Of The Book 'Final Exit' *Not sure if this may be triggering or no

    I agree with what you think!
    Why should we waste say wat? 70/80 yrs of our lives doin nothing. slaving away everyday wrkin for money, that we never see.....
    so what if we get married,have kids? we'r still gonna die at the end so does it really matter if its sooner rather than later.

    Im a big believer that everyone has basic rights. Free wil is one of them. If we are denied the choice to take our own lives, we are denied our rights!

    I myself am 17, jst a yr older than u. and i dont think your to young to be experiencing this sort of thing. Some our age have more life experience than a 60 yr old.
    Sure we are less mature, but i do think we have enough common sense and intelligence to know we are unhappy with this life and everythiing in it.

    I think that choosing when to die is a right, and a choice we should b allowed to make.

    sorry if this offensive in any way to anyway, its not intended that way :(
  6. SoHappyItHurts

    SoHappyItHurts Well-Known Member

    Re: Just Read Some Of The Book 'Final Exit' *Not sure if this may be triggering or no

    I would point out that stress rates go down as one ages, with stress rates typically being highest before the early 20s and then decreasing from there. Similarly:

    The Older We Get, the Happier We Are

    And you are right about maturity. The neocortex of a 30 year old is mature in development and therefore more able to assess the consequences of risky actions, while the neocortex of someone in his/her late teens and early 20s is still undergoing major changes, is significantly more impulsive than in later life, and is not as able to assess consequences.
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  7. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Re: Just Read Some Of The Book 'Final Exit' *Not sure if this may be triggering or no

    Death by suicide, Yes I am going to do it in the near future. I agree that you are to young to want to die. There is a whole world out there for you to see. Myself, Ihave hitchhiked across the USA and back again. That got old real quick and wasn't safe to be doing it. I had a truck driver going the other way take two potshots at me. That ended my hitchhiking.
    When I got back to Florida I went to my sisters and she took me in. Rather than put a hardship on her I had her take me to the recruiters office. I joined the Marines. Boot camp sucked but once I graduated from there I went to California to my MOS school. After that Iwas sent to Okinawa Japan. Iwas there a couple of months and then we shipped out to the Philipines. When we got back to Okinawa my discharge papers came thru. I kick my self dailey for getting out. I had it made and it was no different than any day time job.
    The military isn't for everyone, but the few who join know what I am talking about.
    So you see,I have been around to 5 different countries and traveled the USA. Joining the military will pretty much guarantee you will travel.
    Please don't do anything rash. Stop and think of the things you will miss out on. I am 51 and have done pretty much everything I wanted to do. Except one thing: Ialways wanted a family, a wife, children, and a decent job to support us. Well I got one out of three. I had a good job and after 10 years I don't have shit to show for it.Enough of this Please take care and stop and think what can I do??Stay Safe and Stay Strong...:chopper:
  8. GaiaMischief

    GaiaMischief Well-Known Member

    Re: Just Read Some Of The Book 'Final Exit' *Not sure if this may be triggering or no

    I agree with Stranger....nothing works me up more emotionally when it comes to young people (between the ages of 14-23) facing suicidal feelings. It's just too young of an age to leave this world...you have so much ahead of you. This is not to say that I think it's ok for older people to feel like this...I just feel young people are far more emotionally vulnerable and susceptible to these feelings happening, and can be far more irrational about it since we're such emotional beings at that age.

    Whether an individual should be able to end their own life without interference is a controversial issue that needs not be discussed here. I stick to the good faith assumption that everyone can lead a happy life and nothing ever requires something as tragic and permanent as the ending of their own life.
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