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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Huw, Feb 20, 2016.

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  1. Huw

    Huw Well-Known Member

    When your mother calls you a stranger then it's time to take stock

    But youthful thoughts dismiss rebukes and the feral boy resists

    Running wild and running free, but captive to my lusts

    I couldn't see beyond the hour and didn't really care to.

    Don't walk away from me....listen

    I don't know where you came from

    You’re not like the others I bore

    Studious and well-behaved siblings

    were my continual accusation.

    Don't walk away from me when I talking at you

    Why do you do what you do?

    Why do you run where you run?

    Can't you just for one time be sorry for what you've done

    for the hurt and the tears that you've caused.

    Don't walk away from me when I'm shouting at you

    If your friends all jumped off a cliff would you follow?

    Why can't you just be normal....like the others?

    Why can't you listen.....like the others?

    Why don't you come home....like the others?

    Don't walk away from me when I'm screaming at you

    What's that your wearing?

    What's with all the hair?

    Your not leaving home in those clothes

    I'm ashamed to call you my own.

    Don't walk away from me when I impersonate a psychopath

    Where do you think you're going?

    Stop and listen to me

    Don't slam the door

    Don't bother coming home.... I’m locking the door.

    Don't walk away from me when I want to kill you with my words

    The man in me longs to break free

    But the man is not yet fully formed

    The struggle continues to burden the boy

    and there isn't a man to care.

    I want to walk away.

    Fuelled by lust, fury and ignorance

    professing to know it all

    a disaster waiting to happen

    a danger and a heart breaker.

    I will walk away

    I walked

    She died and he died

    So you can't shout

    or threaten me anymore.

    I'm walking. and I'm talking....I'm free.

    © 2015 Huw

    (This was my first attempt at writing)
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  2. ThePhantomLady

    ThePhantomLady Safety and Support SF Supporter

    That is very, very well written! And for a first attempt. Wow!

    Thank you for sharing your work! I like reading good poetry!
  3. Huw

    Huw Well-Known Member

    Thanks TPL, it's autobiographical, but in no way exclusive.
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