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Just shy?

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This time I'm not posting about my self but about my little brother.
something is on with him lately and maybe you can give me some advice.
At home he's a lound and stubborn child. But at the same time extremly clever and creative. Supposingly he's...how do you call it in english? "gifted"? "Too intelligent"? however-he seems to be it, just like I am-it's genetic.
But he becomes so extremly shy and anxious whenever something does not fit into his routine!
Example: He has to see a speech therapist once in a week because he speaks so fast and mumblingly. In the morning he pretends to feel sick and when she tries to work with him, he stars crying again and again.
Or when the kindergarden has sports-day...He is SO scarred he might have problems to change his clothes that he does not want to go there!
In a way i unterstand him. I was similar as a child but it seems so get worse the older he gets!
The speech therapist said, ge schould go to a psycologist with this issue...but isn't that a little TOO fast? .__.'
I suppose sooner or later he will get to know this kind of doctors anyway-by all the similarities we share...
What can one do to encourage him? He is so extremly smart, it must be possible to meke him gain confidence...


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I think going to a therapist would be a good thing. Good recommendations on what kind of activities would help him develop his potential and social skills could come out of it. My godson is a very smart boy but had all kind of issues until he was diagnosed with Asperger and put into a special program. Not that I am saying there is any underlying issue with your bro, but its good to sort these things early.
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