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Just so you know me.

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My name is Mickee. And I'm new here.
I've been seriously depressed for months. I'm gay, and coming out to my family was a lot harder than I imagined. Seeing them cry when they look at me is hard, but I try to hold in.
I met someone who pretended to like me. And led me on, then just told me we were done, that we were never even friends. And I fear running into "that person" every time I leave the house.
I'm a good person overall.
I had two best friends and this year they decided to not be friends with one another, and it tore me a part. I still haven't figured out how to live without them.
I decided to join to give advice and take advice.
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Hi there :smile:

I have only recently joined the forum but have felt very welcome by all ... so welcome Mickee :smile:

You have taken a huge step by telling your family and they will eventually accept your path in life because they love you .... so stay strong and hold your head up high !! Don't allow this other person to make you feel this way ... it is there loss !!!
Hey mick, welcome a-board!

I'm gay too and it's a pain in the ass having to go through a "coming out" process. I still haven't done it yet so I'm pretty impressed that you have: shows independence and confidence. That'll come in handy throughout your life.

Hope you're not too pained by that person. I'm not sure why people do things like that sometimes but I guess they often bring a lot of crap on themselves doing things like that.
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