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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Help me please, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. Help me please

    Help me please Well-Known Member

    What makes someone special? Is it contribution to society? Or is it a unique talent? Or maybe even the effect you have on the people around you? Billions of people have lived and died on this planet, few remembered most not. Does one life matter? Really, truly and honestly, in the end, does one life matter?

    The point of life. Is it to pass on your genetics? Is it some infallible being's test? To prove your worthiness to him? What if you're gay? What if there is no god or you don't believe in one? What's the driving force behind your survival? Is it to live your life in a quest to find happiness. What if you've never been happy. How do you know when you're there? How do you get there?

    If there is a god, do you think he would let a Hindu man, who's never heard of Christianity, but lived a good life, loved his children, never murdered, doesn't steal, and is kind to others; would he let this man into heaven? Even though he hasn't accepted Jesus Christ.

    I've struggled with these questions and more for as long as I can remember. What do I do? Tell me and I'll do. I swear. Please tell me. Someone has to know. How can I find out the truth.
  2. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    I think these are legitimate and common questions. Many of them, I have posed to others at one time or another.

    I am not religious, so I can't help you with those questions.

    As to the rest, I think you should look toward some line of work which helps others. I once worked in a home for disabled adults. The pay was not good, but it was more than made up for knowing I was providing a service that was helpful to those in need.

    If you are the person described in the second to last sentence, I wouldn't worry about heaven too much. You've done fine in the here and now.
  3. Help me please

    Help me please Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I really hate my job as is. I've always wanted to be like a correctional officer or a police man. (Partly the reason why I'm not seeing a therapist or taking meds.) Social work also appealed to me. It's interesting that you've said that. Thanks.
  4. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    i can't tell you the truth. you have to find them out yourself.

    i live for very small detail.
  5. i'm sorry but i dont think you ever find out these answers its something humainty has been trying to answer since we were clever enough to hit ourselves with clubs, man tried religion but religon creates war and doubt, science tried to fill a void but cant answer the fundemental question of why and how.

    Ok my beliefs and of course i have them everyone does, i believe what happens to you is truly reflective of your own beliefs who cares if there is a god? and if there is a god that created all of life why is he letting us suffer i can do without him thanks.

    I believe every single soul is put on this planet for a reason we might not know why but we are here, yeah you might not be remebered but if you reach out to one person and make them smile make them laugh then you will be remembered even if its one person they will not forget you.:sad:

    Myself i dont think i will be remembered i hope i am not, because what they will remeber is not the real me:sad:

    But please keep searching for the answers questions are good
  6. Belladonna

    Belladonna Well-Known Member

    Maybe no one can give you these answers because you aren't dumb. There are pre-packaged answers in religions, like Christianity, but most people think the way you do, why would random person that is a good person but not a Christian be considered unworthy of going to heaven? That doesn't make sense! Maybe you are smart enough to discover these answers for you own and because of this, no one can really give you some pre-packaged answer that will actually make sense. These are deep questions that great philosophers ponder. I know that I don't believe in a heaven or hell, and I also know that most of us need to figure these kinds of questions out for ourselves.

    Shouldn't the real question be, what is the point of life to you? What is it that makes a life worthwhile to you? I have my heros who I think have amazing, worthwhile lives--people who do great things in big and small ways, what does that sort of person look like to you?
  7. Help me please

    Help me please Well-Known Member

    A lot of us live false self's, I know I do; and it's sad that we feel we have to.

    I like that, and I think you're right. Maybe it's different for everyone; the point and how to get there. I still don't know for myself, and might never know. I'll keep looking though, for a little while at least.
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