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    7 months ago, when I wasn't at the peak of happiness, to say the least, I made this thread, about whether or not I should approach this girl I met on a website.
    At the time, it seemed like an impossibility that anything could ever happen between us. When I posted that thread just before Christmas, I hadn't even spoken to her via IM yet. I had no experience with girls, I had extremely low self-esteem, and I couldn't begin to imagine being close to a girl as attractive as the one mentioned in the thread.

    To cut a long story short, now, 7 months later, this girl and I currently think one another is the most amazing person on the planet. And even though we've mutually decided that in our current situations, it wouldn't be best for us to be in a relationship together yet, I am now more happy that I've ever before been in my life.

    All this happened because a person on this site, Tam, (for those of you who remember her, I don't think she posts much now) sent me a PM, after I had pretty much made up my mind that I wouldn't start to try for anything with this girl, saying: "Go for it", so I did.

    I guess I just wanted to give some encouragement to any guys out there, who, like me, thought they'd always struggle getting a girl, or that no one would want them, or that they'd be rejected. Because all it took me was a PM from someone on here, a bit of confidence, and a few months of anxiety (whenever I was speaking to her) to actually create something very special between myself, and this angel of a girl.

    And to the person in my original thread, who said "No one person can pull you out of depression", I'm afraid you're wrong :)
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    Congratulations man, I met the first girl I loved And who broke my heart here. All it took was one PM. I am not going to say anymore it will be rain on your parade. Congratulations I wish you the best of luck.
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    awww, that's great! i'm so happy for you guys!!!