just sorry

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For the disease, for you having to go through this. I'd take it instead if I could.

For our failing relationship. It saddens me the most.

For currently being unable to make you happy.

For you not realizing your comments hurt deeply and bring back unwanted memories. I should tell you, but I can't as it would hurt you and in turn be given back to me as guilt.

For having less patience than I should. While I simply cannot comprehend your thoughts, I do try to see things from your perspective. Sometimes I fail.

I apologize for this and a lit more, but you already know what its like having me looking after you.

I am sorry for letting you down and being unable to cope adequately at times.

Please help me help you. Accept help, talk to those who can help. Please stop questioning all I say or do.

Please lets try to come together peacefully during your last months on earth.
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thanks TE, I try to remember this path wasn't chosen by us and we both are affected but in different ways. Some days are just tough, makes for over emotional and fragile souls.

Take care.
Thanks Starryeyed

I don't believe myself!!! No matter how I try to persuade my inner self that I'm doing the best I can. We all struggle with feeling like we are good enough, doing enough etc. I suppose.
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