Just started in life and i already feel like killing myself

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Rallen12, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. Rallen12

    Rallen12 Member

    i started a 2 and a half training course everyone tells me its great and all expanses paid but i dont seem to like it in fact when i get home i feel braindead
    i'm thinking about quitting but i fear i might regret it but on the other hand i hate it, i read and thought it was about fixing and working with computers but in fact its about reparing cars and everything leads to cars about the school and course my parents advise me my mom says if i dont like it to quit ,but my dad was so proud when i got in and he would be so mad and sad if i dropped out

    i have to wake up at 5 am everyday(no vacations all the time) take two busses to get there its about 3 or more towns away i get there at 7 am and school only starts at 7:40 and that makes it even harder cause the school is in the middle of nowhere and once your in you cant get out until end of classes i only have 30 min os lunchtime my dad says to think about it as a job and how good jobs it would get me
    but i dont like the course i dont even have friends not even my classmates are my friends and the worst if i miss 2 days of school im kicked out of the school so that would be a waste of time and 2 and a half years and you get grades below 7 your kicked and im not that good at math (4,3,2) and and im afraid if i dont complete the course my life will go down the drain and the stress is killing me between quiting or staying if i quit i might regret it if i dont i might fail and damage even more my psyche wich is not that healthy anymore so i m getting suicidal thought again and im really getting desperate
    im 16 just finished school and got into this 1 and i dont know what to do and killing myself sounds so right.
  2. Moat

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    While I can understand some of your points about it being much a hastle to get there, but really, you never hear of anyone waking up in the morning, bright and chipper and shouting loudly to the world: "All right! It's time for work! Yeah!" That kind of positive thinking does not ever come to anyone first thing in the morning, it is what you obtain during the day and through what you do through the day that make it a great one, an interesting one or one you just cannot wait to pull the doona over your head at night and get it over with. But if you are only just out of school, why did you decide to go immediately go back into a course, if you were not ready to handle the work load? You could easily have taken a few months off, rest and get recuperated and then go back and give it a shot, especially if it is a course that you are particularly good at and can succeed in as a future career?

    I think, however, that you simply are looking at it all as a day-to-day exercise and not seeing the benefits that you will get from all the work in the long run. Sure it might be a little inconveniencing for you right now with travel time, studies (et cetera) but put in your shoes,yet you are a 16 year old girl (I assume by your member name at least) and I would rather be glad to be taken back to that age and be able to properly finish my educational studies (which so sadly far too many young'uns take for granted) so that I would have a more rewarding lifestyle than what I lead now.
  3. Zipporah29

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    I absolutely second this. Keep going.
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