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I have gotten to the point where I hate being fat so much that I think I have become anorexic. I don't even know why I am posting this because I am not really planning to do anything about it. I have to lose weight! I absolutely have to because I am so sick of my fat ugly self!! I know that I have an ugly face but at least I will be skinny. I am actually fat right now. I would say how much I weigh but I am too embarrassed to. I just need to be skinny. Maybe people will like me more if I lose weight? That might not happen but it is worth a try. I never knew I had so much will power not to eat. I don't really care what happens when it comes to my health. I just look at the skinny women on the internet for inspiration and I want to look like them. :sad:
When you say just started, how long has this been going on? Just wondering. You might want to try a short 3 day fast with some juice and then diet. Fasting sometimes helps to kickstart diets. Please be careful and feel free to pm me if you need anything.


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Do not starve !!!! Your metabolic rate will slow to the pace of a snail and the minute you eat anything it will get stored as fat.

A sensible diet and exercise is the way. Remember you didnt get fat over night and you wont lose the weight over night..Slow and steady is the best way to get it off and keep it off.

Thinks we need to start a support thread for all us trying to lose weight and get fit. Perhaps we can post our successes and failures and keep each other away from the doughnuts.


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there is a group here at the site called "heal" for helping to be smart nutritionally and physically. The eating disorder forum is not for tips on eating disorders but rather to talk about them and recieve support. I hope I was some kind of help. ari


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..... as someone living with this illness, you dont become anorexic overnight. believe me. ive had eating problems/issues my entire life.
and to be brutally honest, its the worst.
your whole life is consumed by food. by what you'll eat, by when you'll eat, by what is safe and what isnt, it takes over everything.

and you lose yourself.

sure, if you want to diet, diet, but follow a proper diet plan. starving yourself is only going to lead to problems, and i know you say you dont care about problems, but bodies dont like being starved. they will give in. and it will not kill you. it will cause you a TON of pain. and if thats not bad enough, if you starve yourself long enough and cause enough damage, someone will organise for a tube to be shoved down your nose into your stomach. or you'll end up in an eating disorders program in a hospital somewhere learning how to eat again.

ive lost so many years to this. and i swear. i hate it.

i just wanted to offer a personal opinion on it. if you want any more details or anything, dont hesitate to ask. but i wont offer advice on how to get sicker. but getting through this before it becomes a major problem, is really quite essential. the longer you're in. the longer it takes to get out again.......
so please be careful. please. pm if you need. xx
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