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just..talk to me for a little...

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I just wanna die :(
i have <edit moderator total eclipse method>...
But i cant seem to take them...
i just want to not have ever been born...that would be easier
cuz even this is harder than i thought it would be.
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Hi there Lilly, first of all get rid of the pills. i was in a real dark place yesterday but i am still here...and so can you be. we all experience how you are feeling right now so dont believe you are alone. you came here which is good, was best thing i did and i hope you will feel that way too.

what is making you feel so bad at the moment? try and stay calm (easier said than done i know) and talk it through on here if you can. :console:


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I know how you feel, truly I do. I have those exact thoughts and I find talking with someone, or crying about it a good way to vent. There are plenty of people on this forum who understand.
I haven't logged onto this site for sometime, I don't think I've ever posted, but I had a bad day today and felt like I needed to read that I'm not the only one who feels this way. I read your post and felt compelled to respond, to let you know you're not alone and you can talk with me if you want.


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hmmm how can I start this ok first of I tried the same way if its the way I am thinking you are on about last week and it failed since then I was thinking about the reason why it failed and why I am still here and I came up with a question its one we all have seen if we have seen the matrix the blue pill or the red pill and after a few days I knew my answer the red pill life what I know I chose to stand and fight so please please do not try this method it does not always work it hurts like hell and at the end of the day after seeing what it did to my friends and family I would never try it again.


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Hi lilly. Its not worth it believe me. I've tried it and all it did was make things worse as the body is a resilient kit. Talk on here and let us try to help.


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Hope your feeling a bit better by now and presume you've spoken to someone in chat.

Ritsu has it right - choosing to stand and fight is the ultimate choice to take.

I think humanity is more connected than we think. The forces of darkness divide us - separate us and promote individuality and selfishness. Meanwhile, part of the reason so many feel suicidal has to be linked to way the world sometimes seems to be a cruel place.

Try not to worry about the things you can never change, worry instead about that which you can change.

I hope your life can pick up soon and you can wake up and skip the usual morning routine of wishing you were dead.

There will be a better day.


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hi lilly we are all here to help you through anything which bothers you.
if you ever need to talk and im around i will stay around for as long a you need.
im a good listener and i never judge.
i will give you my time as a gift and you can use it for as long as you wish.
i understand how you feel, infact im a little on edge at the moment but helping others helps me.
take care and i hope i get the chance to chat with you.
please rest for now and worry tomorrow, now its important to rest!!!


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hey y'all thanks..your comments helped me, they really did...
Shortly after i wrote that, my boyfriend called, and he talked to me, and he came over the next day.
So i basically fell asleep with the stuff just laying on my bed, and by the time i woke up he had already got here and got rid of it...which was good i guess...
i just, dont even know why i feel like this y'know? i mean, nothing happened....things are going pretty good for me i guess, im in college, and i am currently passing everything...i think i am anyways...and i know i have people who love me, but i just still somehow feel like maybe im not good enough?? or do they really love me? maybe they just act like it but they all wish me dead type thing? and then i think it makes no sense, but yet i still feel it and THAT makes no sens....y'know?

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The thing is with mental illness alot of times nothing makes sense to us To a proffessional maybe it makes sense I hope you reach out and get some advice get some direction as to why this is happening. Talk to your school councillor okay Depression disguises it self in so many ways best to get some help now okay before it gets worse.
Depression is not discriminatory - there doesn't have to be a reason - it is an illness. People don't look for a 'reason' for cancer, MS, heart attacks - so it should be for depression - it just happens...

Feel free to PM me...
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