Just terminated by best and worst relationship

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  1. undercoverlover

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    isabelle. my best and worst friend.
    she brought me through pain and misery, anxiety and stress. but never once did we share a good laugh or a smile.
    we gathered to share misery and never encouraged each other. i would try to help her but she turned it down. she often taunted me and made fun of me and instead of listening to me and sympathizing would be sarcastic and not really care.
    she listened. was the only one that did.
    but then judged every bit of sadness. there was no hope for her in her eyes so she took every bit of hope away from everyone else.
    my therapist suggested to terminate that "friendship". and i feel free.
    she said "none of that is my fault!" so quick to defend every flaw in our relationship. so im done. all done. and im free.
    but a part of me feels like shit.
  2. Sadeyes

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    No matter how poorly the relationship was based, it did serve a purpose...that is a loss which does feel badly...please work with your therapist to gain the skills needed to create a more supportive and caring relationship
  3. Butterfly

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    It must have been such a hard decision to end the friendship, but there is only much you can take from a toxic relationship. You will feel bad for a while, because that chapter has come to an end. But when one door closes, another opens :hug:
  4. broke

    broke Well-Known Member

    Wow. I am sure you did not mean it this way, but the way your phrased it really makes like there is assigned fault- like undercoverlover is to blame. Maybe just being more careful about who he/she chooses to be close friends with?
  5. broke

    broke Well-Known Member

    Take some credit for having the strength to take productive action in resolving this issue. Imagine isabelle was your spouse for 12 years, you had 5 kids together an you were finally coming to these realizations? Then you'd be in my spot!

    It doesn't feel like it now but you dodged a major bullet. You are free. Imagine the friendships you will have that are actually reciprocal and caring. I envy you. :) Best of luck!
  6. Much afraid

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    It's always hard when relationships end. Good for you, however, for deciding to do something positive in the long run for you. :hug: ♥
  7. prakash

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    I am glad you took the advice of your therapist and terminated that relationship. Toxic relationships should be terminated. Some people do not have the wisdom to know that a relationship is toxic and others do not have the strength or courage to end it. I am glad you followed the advice of your therapist. Some patients do not act upon the advice of therapist or their supportive parents or spouse.