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    Feels like this is the only place that i can let my feelings out now a days. I just had a friend tell me that i was a downer and she doesn't want downers in her life. So I've yet again lost another friend. I was really upset as she told me this, so i decided to go cut myself a little bit and then i was even more upset!!! I don't feel like eating and everyday my stomach growls @ me to feed it, but i resist. I'm sure i've lost 10lbs cause i'm not eating right. No one seems to notice the things that are wrong with me, i'm losing weight like crazy and all ppl say are "wow, you look great"!! I say thank you because this is the best i've looked all my life. I don't talk to anyone in my life about anything i'm thinking, i tried with that one friend and look what happened. I just feel like drinking and passing out so i can sleep all night and dread work tomorrow. I hope one day that i'll get over everything that i'm feeling. the stress, the pain from the breakup, everything in my life rignt now!!! I never thought i'd get this bad, hurting myself and wanting to cure it all with drugs and alcohol :( When will all of this end ?
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    people can be really insensitive.

    A real friend would allow you to lean on them when you need them, some people just dont make good friends.

    I know i've gone through tons, and I still dont have a best friend that I can trust. that why I come here also.