just the reminder of who i used to be

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  1. Sick of people telling me to solve my problems with religion, I have a brain and by using a minuscule amount of it I can fathom a reason as to why it is a fallible human construct. Perhaps if I were more gullible I could not question the validity of such things, sucks to be smart.

    Just broke up with my GF, moving her stuff out of the house was a lot more difficult than anticipated, now all the empty spaces are reminders of memories past, future prospects lost, this house is like a needle in my mind, I cant be at ease in my only comfort zone.
    I can't afford to suffer these blows, I have to keep studying, getting good grades, It's the only thing I'm good at, feeling low is too detrimental to my train of thought, fuck this.
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    Hi there..
    Im not religious myself.. and i dont agree or disagree with the whole thing.. im quite neutral in that respect.. however i do think its wrong to 'push' religious ideas onto someone.. especially when they might be vunerable.. even IF the intentions are good - and that is what most people who do this believe they are doing - helping.. so try not to take it as an insult for them doing so ..
    If you ever want to talk.. feel free to message me..
    I hope you begin to feel better soon.. take care :hug:

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    Logic i use to rationalize eveything but sometime it is better just to let the pain out and deal with the sadness then to rationalize it. Some things the brain cannot understand. take care i hope your schooling continue to give you an excape and your grades do not suffer. I am sorry you and your girlfriend have broken up now it is time to move forward right.