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Just the words of someone who may dissapear soon

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I'm pathetic, useless, and good for nothing, i have done nothing but hurt people, out of my own selfishness, i do not help anyone here, nor do i help anyone in real life, i am pathetic, useless and nothing more then a waste of space on this fisical earth, i am amoral, i lack a single shred of humanity, i am not fit to live, let alone help anyone, in my short life i have not been able to help a single person, i am filled with ambition greed and hunger, and i blind myself as such, i can not help anyone, and my end may be near,

i can not help anyone, not my friends, not ani, not my family, not even myself.


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Raiden you are no less of a person than anyone else on this earth.. You are you. there is NOTHING wrong with that.. and You did all you can.. you tried to help Ani and I KNOW that you did.. You got her further than anyone else did.. She told me more than once that without you she wouldnt have made it this far.. you did what you could..
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