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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by viola, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. viola

    viola New Member

    hi all, just joined the site.

    i have bipolar and a few other issues. its ok, i dont act out too badly, no drama.
    just sometimes it gets really hard to keep on going.
    im just tired, i dont know. i wish i could take a break from it all. from life in general.
    to just not have to meet the standards. for a year or so.

    im agoraphobic lately, finding it impossible to leave the house, so missing work. worried about it. panicking. it's been over a month.
    i mean, it's ok. worst case scenario i'm moving to a shelter. not the end of the world.

    but im just so tired of it all. of panic, of work, of anxiety, of depression, of everything else. just tired. just need a break.

    and i can't have it.
    i just don't know where to get strength to keep on anymore. i read a lot. i have great friends. bearable family. volunteer for a good cause. work is interesting, rewarding, and the salary is good - i have everything i need to stay afloat and not lose it. i dont know why im so tired.

    im sorry for a pointless post, i guess i just need to be heard...
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    NO post is pointless hun ok you wanted to he heard you wanted somone to see just how tired you are hun I hope you can take some time even ifit is just 10 minutes a day for YOU okay
    Try hun go for a coffee get away from everything and everyone and just breath okay for those 10 minutes close your eyes and rest. Is there anyway hun you can talk to your work place and take break for few days just to rejuvenate yourself Also hun time to talk to your GP okay get some blood test done for iron thyroid often these are causes for fatigue get checked up okay so you can find o ut if it is a medical reason if so that can be fixed easily hugs to you
  3. viola

    viola New Member

    thanks, total eclipse
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