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Just tried to end it but wanted to give this a go first

I only wrote the letter but was able to stop myself <mod edit>. I had difficulty in forcing myself to get outside of my room. I breathed in and tried to calm my thoughts then I went here.
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Hi there, welcome to the forum.
It sounds like you're in a pretty precarious situation. It's good that you decided to seek out support, hopefully we can help talk you down here. *hug10
There is actually a live chat feature, although how you'd access it depends on what you're using to access the site. Presumably you're on a phone, in which case maybe @Sassy the Wonderful Cat or @Angie would be kind enough to explain.
But if you're by some chance on a laptop, then there's an icon for it on the bottom right of the screen you can use to open the chat window. This definitely sounds like something the support room is perfect for. :)


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Hi James, welcome to the forum, sorry you are feeling so low. There is a lot of support to be gained from being a member here and a lot of understanding too, well done for giving us and chat a chance, I hope you feel somewhat better soon, a warm welcome :)


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Hi James 👋 I can talk anytime you need too! Just holler. And it does get better i promise. And since you love to help others maybe you should start doing that more because in return its gonna make you feel good inside.

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