Just trying to find someone to talk to.

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    Started here about a month ago. Chat rooms can help but sometimes they are just too busy. Can't say I have some of the really major problems others have to cause their pain. Doctor isn't even sure why I break down so much. Melt downs is what I call them, But the very few people I have to talk to around here are tired of hearing about it. I'm sure I was either born the way I am or became this way at an early age. Just hid it very well. Never learned to make friends, moved too much, but apparently I need to have at least one. Divorced twice, don't choose well I guess cause the third(boyfriend only) isn't much better. Maybe I feed off of negative energy or something like that. But this year has been horrendous. My dad was diagnosed with cancer in April, on his birthday, while in the hospital someone broke in my back yard and left the gate open and my beloved dog got out and was hit by a speeding car. My restaurant job I had for 16 years closed, my dad passed away in July , and now I still don't have a job and unemployment benefits ended because they are out of money( course they have enough to give themselves a hefty raise) So now what. My youngest is almost out of school and he's the only one keeping me going. No place to turn, no where to go. and now I might lose the house...
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    oh, am sorry to hear about all of this anibarry - I would listen, chat and talk with you but to start something now wouldn't work as most of the next month i will be out of internet access and we have busy family visiting shortly. I do wish you all the very best to keep a clear head in all that you are facing - and look forward to catching up beg. February again.