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    Darkness surrounds my core, ever filling. I feel a life broken into peices, building onto itself like a puzzle. The answer draws clear as each day passes anew. The demon that everyone saw was finally resting, and was talking once again. The truth, calling to me, as if I realized a vital lesson that I had once forgoten. Peace is comming, for it is not a demon, but truely a angel, that would guide me. The darkness that others saw was light, a pure radiant light that they could not understand. I may be different, but in truth, I am the same. We must never forget ourselves, we must embrace our demons, and use there strength to guide us. The strenght of a warrior is not in what he will do, but what he has done rings loud in my mind. I have looked back, and I am happy. It is time to rest, and with the comming of the new moon, I will keep my promise, an old promise forgotten. Though I may be a demon to those who would look upon me with ignorent blind eyes, the few that have seen the truth have given me strenght. And with that, I will finally sleep once again. Free.....
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