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    I am so tired of this boring town, boring people, nobody evens talks here, they all act like their scared or something, very unfriendly people. Coming from California to here has been extremely horrible, and Im stuck. I have been trying to make friends for so long, its very upsetting sometimes. I go to church but either they are fanatical or they dont even speak to me, like I am the plague. If I ever get out of this place I will never come back. Its great if you just want to go to work, come home, eat, sleep, gain fifty pounds from being sedentary because there is nothing to do but go out to eat or go see a movie, they have nothing here, its horrible. I miss California, the people, they actually talk!!!! I have been thinking of moving to las vegas, my cousin is out there, but I have to save money. But that is scary also, and moving is expensive. I just hope if i go there it will be a good step. I dont like the new manager at my apartments, I have been here 4 years, I asked for some paint, the old manager would have said yes, she has given me paint before and never bitched about it, well the new manager said no, its too expensive, I have been here for 4 years, what they dont think that I might need to paint?!!!!! And they wonder why they have such a big turnover hah!!! Im going to move when my lease is up. One of the people in the office is so rude, Im scared to call. She says "hello" i say hi im so and so from a'11 and she just sits there and doesnt say anything, not hi not nothing. If she doesnt know how to talk why is she working with the public?!!!!! I want to move soooooo bad. Im just so bored and tired, no wonder my son wants to live in las vegas. Its so friggin boring here. i frigging hate it here!!!!!!!!!